PVYSC 2006

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Welcome to the PVYSC Home Page




Thanks for visiting the PVYSC website. After a succesful 2005 fall soccer season I am very excited for what 2006 might be bringing to our club. Last year we experienced a first for our Club, we had the most Advanced (formerly competition) girl soccer teams ever and many of them were very competitive as well. This has been a slow process, which is now giving fruit. Watsonville High School has now become a very competitve team and is on its way to shaping their own tradition as the boys have done for many years. Gladys Mondragon one of our soccer coaches and current Watsonville High coach brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the sidelines. I would like for everyone that comes in contact with her to wish her luck. Remember the more success and competitve Watsonville High becomes the more likely our local girls will want to come out for local club teams so they to can gain experience and additional skills.  

I would like to take a moment and thank last year coaches who came through big time for us this past year. Our players were well coached and had alot of fun playing on teams that where very competitive.